Upholstery Repair

Furniture repair requires a specialized skill that one must have a passion for because it’s so detailed, delicate, and time consuming. Rip'n Repair is the shop you can trust to restore and repair your furniture without damaging the look of your valuable piece.

Our mobile furniture repair service is dedicated to provide our clients with outstanding customer service and craftsmanship. Our specialist are certified and use up-to-date products and equipment to repair and strengthen any furniture that has been scratched, dented, or has had water or fire damage.

With our furniture repair services, our specialist are well experienced in leather and upholstery repair. Even if you have a very unique piece of furniture, we can provide you with any custom furniture repair that is necessary.

Our goal as a furniture repair shop is to help you protect all your favorite pieces by providing professional maintenance and care. If you are looking for the best furniture refinishing and furniture restoration in Arvada, CO call Rip'n Repair today!